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Anti-Fascist Archive: The Largest Public Collection of Anti-Fascist Action Material
• "...consists primarily of the literature, images and videos of Anti-Fascist Action and Red Action. However, there is also material from Workers' Fight, the Anti-Nazi League and even from fascist groups such as the National Front."

• "Ikea is out of control and they must be stopped. When you shop at IKEA you are funding an evil corporation founded by Nazi Ingvar Kamprad. Ikea is unfair to their customers and workers...."

Liberator Magazine, The
• "To remain conscious of our potential to contribute to and help maintain life. And to manifest diplomacy among the urban enclaves of America and between the larger Diaspora...."

Ethnic Arts
• "May all souls be in happiness. May all souls be blessed. May all souls be in peace...."

Multicultural Book Review, The (MBRH)
• "Here we choose one review each month and feature its book as a particularly strong choice for educators to use in their classrooms...."

Blasts from the Past

• "...to promote the assets and address the societal conflicts associated with race or culture in theory, and research, mental health practice, education, business, and society at large."

• "A Better Warning Label: Treat cigarettes like you would a live hand grenade..."

• "We are a collective of artists, writers, photographers and videographers who have come together to report on and fight right-wing racism"

• "...about politics, media, journalism, the criminal justice system, history, race & (anti-)racism, social justice, technology, and occasionally music."

• "The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the injustices of Jock's original trial and to provide solidarity with Jock for his up coming appeal...."

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