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"...the first part in a documentary series that follows the Southern California Chapter of the Black Panther Party from its glorious Black Power beginnings through to its tragic demise."

"The strength of the 761st Tank Battalion was proven during 183 days of continual fighting (including action in the Battle of the Bulge) after the Black Panthers became the first African-American armored unit to enter combat...."

"...a podcast about America's obsession with race."

"...founded in 1997 to promote fair and equal treatment under the law without regard to race, gender or ethnicity. Our educational, tax-exempt mission includes: Broaden and inform the public debate on the issue of racial preferences, targets and goals which are, by definition, racially discriminatory..."

"...building an online archive of primary materials - documents, photographs, artifacts, and written and oral memories - of 50 years of activist organizing in the United States in solidarity with African struggles against colonialism, apartheid, and injustice."

"...White Dolls, White House, White Male Supremacy..."

"The primary aim of this website is to encourage research activity on people of African descent and to provide information to the study of the African Diaspora. A historical perspective of a nation, its people, and its cultural evolution. Please make sure to look through the 1000+ Slave Narratives on my website...."

"...your link to Black American Opinion, Social and Political Networking..." ~

"Yes, I'm a African American Baby Boomer who gives common sense independent African American political opinion to issue important to the African American communities. I call it the way I see it...."

" provide a compendium of news, issues and commentary relevant to the black community."

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