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• "http://letsstartapussyriot.wordpress.com/"

Let's Start a Pussy Riot!
• "Lets Start a Pussy Riot! is a celebration.A celebration of freedom of speech; of visibility; of not taking our own situations for granted. Lets Start a Pussy Riot! is a creative response."

Feminist Current: Making Waves
• "The show was called The F Word and aired from a tiny Gulf Island off the coast of B.C. Meghan took full advantage of the unmonitored freedom of pirate radio by drinking beer, reading passages from Andrea Dworkin, and playing Biggie Smalls. She returned to Vancouver, where she joined the coincidentally named F Word radio show..."

Vegan Feminist Pirate
• "Give Me Justice & Freedom...Or, I'll Just Take Them Myself"

• "...you'll find the best conversations led by women in social media. A curated selection of authentic voices. Life well said."

Blasts from the Past

• "Email news tips..."

• "I am a PhD candidate in philosophy and a member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western University. I specialize in feminist applied ethics, particularly global issues in reproductive ethics and environmental philosophy. My other interests include the philosophy of technology, sexuality studies..."

• "...Feminist Critiques of Medicine and Therapy; Feminism, Fat and Appearance; Radical Feminist Sexuality and Relationships; Separatism, or, Lesbianism as Resistance..."

• "This blog is a result of Kristen McCauliff's Women's Studies 2010 class. The class kept a blog to post interviews and media analysis projects...."

• "Feminists write about mental health..."

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