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"...Budding Feminist. Vegetarian Faux Chef. Miami Native. Cultural Blogger. Amateur Photographer. Yoga Enthusiast. Film Junkie. Full-Time Renaissance Woman."

"...your source for feminism. We help you locate the resources you need in regard to feminism and the feminist movement. No matter what information you need we have you covered. Research, rate, review and compare here at"

"...equips women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image."

"Seeing as women's issues are as powerful as ever in this day and age, and if anything they're much more complex, Adamant Eve is everything women have raved, wondered or smoldered about, along with a dose of news with a feminist bent and music to help you get your feminism on! Kapow!"

"I call myself a radical feminist because, for this world to be livable for women, girls, and all oppressed groups, radical change is necessary. I am not a lukewarm third-waver, despite what my 'youthfulness' may convey."

"...a feminist anti-pornography website which aims at raising the awareness about the harms of pornography (as well as of prostitution) to women and children -- both inside and outside of the industry -- and, also, the harms of pornography to its users, to relationships and to the society in general."

"I am a theorist, writing in the tradition of radical feminist theory. Some of you may question the purpose of theory and wonder why I should get enjoyment out of writing it, or why anyone else would want to read it. Others may wonder 'why feminist theory'..."

"Academic and artistic feminist resistance at grassroots level..."

"A place to vent my frustrations about living in a effed up white male dominated, ableist, capitalistic society. And if you're mean, misogynistic, or in any other way effed up I will delete you."

"...the home of many Irish ladies writing about everything from fashion to feminism, pop culture to politics, and lots of things we haven't even thought of yet. The Anti-Room was founded in 2008 by four Dublin-based journalists..."

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