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Dirty Dove Infoshop
• "...lending library | free box | sewing machines | workshops | language exchanges | discussions | skillshares | local zines | lounge space | computers | printers | internet..."

International Libertarian Socialist Alliance (ILSA)
• "Libertarian socialism is an umbrella term which encompasses several different socialist tendencies, which although may disagree on certain tactical 'means', do not disagree on 'ends'."

B Channel News (Canada)
• "...a not-for-profit news media collective focused on local events and issues in and around Victoria BC. B Channel News is a collaborative project between writers, editors, videographers, photographers and artists."

TAHRIR International Collective Network
• "...similar objectives: the fight for a free and self-governed society based on tolerance, equality and openness, the society in which the social side is placed above the mercantile. It is those common goals which make a fear for the ruling and that is why they generate artificially the conflict of civilizations."

Blasts from the Past

• "...focuses on underground art, music and anti-authoritarian politics. We have been online since 2000. Over the years we have gone through many phases of distributing radical media, but our collective currently manifests as a blog, forum and distro."

• "Este sitio web publica contenido relacionado con la Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional...."

• "We envision and strive for a social environment in which agents of resistance may find safety and hospitality among members of the community - a culture of resistance...."

• " ein unabhängiges Pressemedium und basiert auf den Grundsätzen der Medienorganisation '' und ist ein Journalistenkollektiv."

• "The above photo is of many of our amazing and spectacular volunteers during the opening of our Arts Exhibit. Special thanks to Jamie Lee (center, white shirt) for being so kind as to host our Arts Exhibit during the Artswalk."

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