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Dirty Dove Infoshop
• "...lending library | free box | sewing machines | workshops | language exchanges | discussions | skillshares | local zines | lounge space | computers | printers | internet..."

International Libertarian Socialist Alliance (ILSA)
• "Libertarian socialism is an umbrella term which encompasses several different socialist tendencies, which although may disagree on certain tactical 'means', do not disagree on 'ends'."

B Channel News (Canada)
• "...a not-for-profit news media collective focused on local events and issues in and around Victoria BC. B Channel News is a collaborative project between writers, editors, videographers, photographers and artists."

TAHRIR International Collective Network
• "...similar objectives: the fight for a free and self-governed society based on tolerance, equality and openness, the society in which the social side is placed above the mercantile. It is those common goals which make a fear for the ruling and that is why they generate artificially the conflict of civilizations."

Blasts from the Past

• "We are a revolutionary labour movement that uses as its only means of struggle, direct action in all its forms - occupations, strikes, boycotts, sabotage, the general strike, etc. We are independent from all reformist and hierarchical unions and political parties..."

• " of a growing number of progressive activist infoshops and peace centers. The global coordination office of Food Not Bombs started the Taos Peace House and Infoshop with a grant from Ben and Jerry's Foundation. The Taos Peace House continues to support the Saturday Food Not Bombs vegan meal at the Taos Plaza from 2 to 4 PM."

• "Syndicalism is the workers' movement. Deriving from the French word for Trade Unionism (Syndicalisme), it seeks to unite workers on an economic basis to fight for their interests...."

• "Die AG/R wurde 1983 als Gruppe Junger Anarchisten (GJA) in Hamburg gegründet. Also vor mehr als 25 Jahren."

• "Мы уверены, что переход к бесклассовому обществу произойдет через постепенное отмирание государства как такового. Естественно это далёкая перспектива, но к ней надо стремиться, будущее за коммунизмом!"

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