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Dirty Dove Infoshop
• "...lending library | free box | sewing machines | workshops | language exchanges | discussions | skillshares | local zines | lounge space | computers | printers | internet..."

International Libertarian Socialist Alliance (ILSA)
• "Libertarian socialism is an umbrella term which encompasses several different socialist tendencies, which although may disagree on certain tactical 'means', do not disagree on 'ends'."

B Channel News (Canada)
• "...a not-for-profit news media collective focused on local events and issues in and around Victoria BC. B Channel News is a collaborative project between writers, editors, videographers, photographers and artists."

TAHRIR International Collective Network
• "...similar objectives: the fight for a free and self-governed society based on tolerance, equality and openness, the society in which the social side is placed above the mercantile. It is those common goals which make a fear for the ruling and that is why they generate artificially the conflict of civilizations."

Blasts from the Past

• "Join us as we kick off the biggest anarchist event London Ontario has ever seen! It will feature a full weekend of activities, including the city's first ever Anarchist book fair, on Saturday October 23rd."

• "...a collective/ network which takes inspiration from and aligns itself with the ideas of anarchism, syndicalism and anti-colonialism, basing itself on principles of self-management, free-association, direct-action, mutual aid, solidarity, social responsibility, and approaching social change from below."

• "Els objectius de la Fundació són: L'estudi i la investigació sobre els temes que afecten la joventut, l'educació i la participació, El foment de l'educació popular com a eina de transformació des de l'escola i l'associacionisme, La defensa universal dels drets humans..."

• "...a revolutionary group, that works towards the abolition of the prison system as part of the class struggle."

• "...serves to bring radical and alternative literature, education, and culture to Houston, TX, with a focus on resistance and community building."

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