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"...the 1in12 Library - originally opened in one of the smallest rooms of the club, by celebrated anarchist Albert Meltzer in 1996 - now occupies about half of the top floor, and continues to meet fortnightly on Thursdays for cataloging and planning sessions..."

"We make the decision to politically inhabit the university but also from a position of autonomy- that is, both from within and against, based on logics of re-appropriation and exodus..."

"Μετά την απόφαση της γενικής συνέλευσης των συμμετεχόντων στο 3ο Βαλκανικό Αναρχικό Φεστιβάλ Βιβλίου στη Σόφια τον Ιούνιο του 2008..."

"...a Radical Cultural Center located in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Our collective projects and events include Printing, Art Showings, Meeting Space for Activist Groups, Film Showings, Political Speakers and Readings, Local Radical Labor History."

"Lots of different radical, non-hierarchical groups working for social change have graced the 56a Infoshop with their presence...."

"This is a game kinda like Red Rover but more intense! And it's a lot of fun."

"Anarchist bookfairs are about celebrating and exploring anarchist ideas, in the form of books (of course), workshops, films, and impromptu conversations. Bookfairs aim to bring together people from far and wide, as well as local community residents and activists."

"...coming soon..."

"Did you come here because of a flyer or handbill that made you curious about Anarchistic ideas? To learn more about what Anarchism is, why we want anarchy, and how we plan to get from our present State-dominated society to a free society without government, check out our guide for the Anarchy-Curious."

"... an autonomous anarchist media collective. it does video workshops in the middle east & europe and publishes articles, short films and audio reports."

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