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"...the 1in12 Library - originally opened in one of the smallest rooms of the club, by celebrated anarchist Albert Meltzer in 1996 - now occupies about half of the top floor, and continues to meet fortnightly on Thursdays for cataloging and planning sessions..."

"We make the decision to politically inhabit the university but also from a position of autonomy- that is, both from within and against, based on logics of re-appropriation and exodus..."

"Μετά την απόφαση της γενικής συνέλευσης των συμμετεχόντων στο 3ο Βαλκανικό Αναρχικό Φεστιβάλ Βιβλίου στη Σόφια τον Ιούνιο του 2008..."

"...a Radical Cultural Center located in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Our collective projects and events include Printing, Art Showings, Meeting Space for Activist Groups, Film Showings, Political Speakers and Readings, Local Radical Labor History."

"Lots of different radical, non-hierarchical groups working for social change have graced the 56a Infoshop with their presence...."

"This is a game kinda like Red Rover but more intense! And it's a lot of fun."

"Anarchist bookfairs are about celebrating and exploring anarchist ideas, in the form of books (of course), workshops, films, and impromptu conversations. Bookfairs aim to bring together people from far and wide, as well as local community residents and activists."

"...coming soon..."

"Did you come here because of a flyer or handbill that made you curious about Anarchistic ideas? To learn more about what Anarchism is, why we want anarchy, and how we plan to get from our present State-dominated society to a free society without government, check out our guide for the Anarchy-Curious."

"... an autonomous anarchist media collective. it does video workshops in the middle east & europe and publishes articles, short films and audio reports."

"...formed in 1996 by grassroots broadcasters, free radio journalists and cyber-activists to provide ourselves with the means to share our radio programs via the Internet."

"...alternatiivkultuurid, antikapitalism, anarhism, libertaarsotsialism, radikaalne demokraatia, loomaõiguslus, taimetoitlus, veganism, antirassism, antiautoritaarne vasakpoolsus, feminism, tänavakunst, radikaalne sotsiaalse sõnumiga kunst, keskkonnakaitse, sotsiaalökoloogia, taaskasutus, DIY, squattimine..."

"A collectively run anarchist community center and art gallery...."

"...a collectively-run center for art and activism. We are known internationally as a venue for oppositional culture. ABC No Rio was founded in 1980 by artists committed to political and social engagement and we retain these values to the present."

"...a loose collection of people in Aberdeen who identify as anarchist, libertarian communists etc. We hold regular stalls in front of the St Nicholas Centre and our members are involved in many activities across Scotland."

"There is an enduring need to instantly abolish all states, governments and authoritarian institutions so that communities based on common values such as freedom, respect, collaboration and solidarity can be formed...."

"Nous avons été arrêtés en 1987. Notre histoire carcérale est celle de la lutte contre l'isolement et pour le regroupement politique. Lors de notre arrestation, nous étions quatre."

"...a local group based in East London that wants to contribute to resistance, both defending ourselves in our communities and workplaces, and ultimately helping co-ordinate activities to improve our quality of life."

"...hopes to inspire your mind and body to revolutionary actions."

"...studying the theory and practice of non-hegemonic forms of social organization and social change."

"Við höfnum og stígum á öll grunngildi sem ættleidd eru úr dönsku þingræði, amerískri frjálshyggju og tvöþúsund ára krossfestingu. Við skrifum og sköpum eftir eigin gildum, reglum, siðferði og samvisku...."

"...a non-profit distro located in Sweden which was founded with the aim to distribute and make anarchist literature available."

" autonomous social centre located at 75 Queen Street in Kingston, Ontario. Our primary goal is to create a node of shared resources to help sustain local alternative formations and initiatives."

"Aktivix is an open co-operative of crusty hacktivists who hope to support collectives to communicate in a friendly and socially responsible manner..."

"... spreading anarchist ideas, as an alternative to the ideas forced upon us every day."

"...a 'unoffical' page of information about the Lebonese anarchist group Al Badil al Taharouri..."

"...a group of anarchists who want to talk about what anarchism is, how anarchists see things and what anarchy could look like."

"... queremos la destrucción definitiva del sistema capitalista y de su instrumento de opresión sobre los explotados: El Estado."

"¡Por la Unidad y Lucha de la Clase Trabajadora! De la farsa democrática de los ricos, a la lucha de los trabajadores por conquistar la libertad...."

"...a decentralized alliance of radical individualists, left libertarians, agorists, market anarchists, mutualists, voluntary socialists, and others on the libertarian left."

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