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Red Rag
• "With that one little word, The Australian admits what everyone knows: that it regards itself as part of the Howard Government. Or perhaps it's just a telling typo."

AKM-1917 (Russian)
• "4 дeкaбpя в Mocквe cтopoнники aктивнoгo бoйкoтa пapлaмeнтcких выбopoв пpoвeдут oбщeгpaждaнcкий cхoд пoд лoзунгoм 'Hapoд пpoтив нeзaкoнных выбopoв!'. Aкция пpoйдёт нa цeнтpaльнoй плoщaди cтpaны..." (Russian)
• "Pукoвoдcтвo ЛФ в Пeнзeнcкoй oблacти..."

List of Lists at, The
• "A somewhat out-of-date list of info about the expanding universe of marxism related email lists..."

Marxism-Leninism Today
• "Politics without Marxism-Leninism is like a journey with no map. Throughout the last century and a half, the thinking of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Vladimir Lenin and many of their followers has propelled the working classes and the oppressed..."

Blasts from the Past

• "Hyperbolic, caffeine-fuelled, left-wing ramblings of a British Marxist...."

• "Pro-worker/Anti-Capitalist..."

• "Site d'éducation, d'informations et de ressources documentaires pour le marxisme vivant et la démocratie ouvrière...."

• "Fundación Andreu Nin, Andreu Nin, Joaquín Maurín, POUM, Víctor Serge, George Orwell, Reseñas, Perfiles revolucionarios, Juan Andrade, Wilebaldo Solano, Eugenio Granell, Ignacio Iglesias..."

• "Mass media clippings on popular resistance, strikes, riots, sabotage, armed leftist and separatist movements, radical right wing politico-military activity, counter insurgency, the development of the state security apparatus and the technology of repression."

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