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Red Rag
• "With that one little word, The Australian admits what everyone knows: that it regards itself as part of the Howard Government. Or perhaps it's just a telling typo."

AKM-1917 (Russian)
• "4 дeкaбpя в Mocквe cÑ‚opoнники aктивнoгo бoйкoÑ‚a пapлaмeнтcких выбopoв пpoвeдут oбщeгpaждaнcкий cÑ…oд пoд лoзунгoм 'Hapoд пpoтив нeзaкoнных выбopoв!'. Aкция пpoйдёт нa цeнтpaльнoй плoщaди cÑ‚paны..." (Russian)
• "Pукoвoдcтвo ЛФ в Пeнзeнcкoй oблacти..."

List of Lists at, The
• "A somewhat out-of-date list of info about the expanding universe of marxism related email lists..."

Marxism-Leninism Today
• "Politics without Marxism-Leninism is like a journey with no map. Throughout the last century and a half, the thinking of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Vladimir Lenin and many of their followers has propelled the working classes and the oppressed..."

Blasts from the Past

• "My Thoughts on: Marxism, Living Under American Capitalism, Marxian Philosophy, Baseball, Economics, Alcohol, and any other topic I feel like writing about."

• "Radical books - Feminist writings - Socialist theory - Race liberation - Queer activism..."

• "...classical or orthodox Marxism - as a totalising but open-ended world view - constitutes the most fertile conceptual framework for analysing social phenomena..."

• "...vouée à la réception et à la discussion des questions théoriques fondamentales et des problématiques nouvelles, elle s'adresse au large public des diverses disciplines : philosophie, économie, droit, histoire, sciences sociales, art et culture."

• "The struggle for socialism must -- by definition -- depend on the many, not on the few. This struggle should be in unity with theory, art and knowledge."

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