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"...politics, analysis, action and culture from the left in Britain..."

"The story of the modern Workers Party begins in 1982 when the Party Ard Fheis (Annual Delegate Conference) decided that its programme ,its politics and its philosophy could only be correctly understood if there was no ambiguity about the Party name. Prior to this the Party had been known as Sinn Fein -The Workers Party..."

"In the late 1990s, Left youth activism emerged from a stumbling stupor to showcase a passionate, creative movement of young people. Anti-sweatshop protests spread across the country's college campuses with the speed and voraciousness of a tornado...."

"...vouée à la réception et à la discussion des questions théoriques fondamentales et des problématiques nouvelles, elle s'adresse au large public des diverses disciplines : philosophie, économie, droit, histoire, sciences sociales, art et culture."

"Why are we blogging? Because there's a need for a marxist analysis of current events, resistance movements, and revolutionary theory that isn't bogged down with the baggage of decades of defeat and dogma...."

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"...our attempt to answer the idea that socialism is dead..."

"I am a Marxist educational theorist and thinker on the future of the human and social time....I work at the University of Northampton, England, where I teach Education Studies."

"...part of an inclusive organic party (A commonwealth under the Socialist Central Committee) for the people to further socialism through its institutions for more democracy. Our message is based on working theory and principles of socialism..."

"I am interested in cultivating intersections between: psychoanalysis; Buddhist philosophy (madhyamika) and practice (prajna paramita); and Marxian analyses of economics and political economy, ideology and religion."

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