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Support Vegans in the Prison System (Support VIPS)
• "...a volunteer based group working to help vegan individuals live a healthy vegan lifestyle, which is an expression of their deeply held ethical values. We act as a crucial link between the incarcerated community and the Bureau of Prisons, provide information about veganism to the prison population..."

World Animal Day
• "...a special opportunity for anyone who loves animals..."

Vegetarian Society of Colorado, The (VSC)
• "...a 501(c)3 nonprofit, nonsectarian, educational organization dedicated to upholding the standards of vegetarianism. We sponsor community outreach programs, educational events, potluck dinners and speakers. We bring people together to discuss and live a humane, healthful and environmentally responsible plant-based lifestyle."

Prijatelji životinja (Crotia)
• " neprofitna nevladina udruga čija je svrha promoviranje zaÅ¡tite i prava životinja te vegetarijanstva kao etički, ekoloÅ¡ki i zdravstveno prihvatljivog životnog stila."

Blasts from the Past

• "Since its formal introduction at the end of the nineteenth century, animal experimentation has been shadowed by debate and controversy. Yet despite the ethical and scientific objections to this practice even within the scientific establishment, animal research became accepted dogma in teaching and research institutions..."

• "While the Network's objective is to promote Vegan, we may publish vegetarian links, surveys or publications, where they are part of a vegan article or a necessary description of a vegan business or considered an essential part of the promotion of a vegan event, such as an International Vegan Festival."

• "We have rescued rabbits from fate of euthanasia in local animal shelters and/or humane societies, unfit homes and from horrible deaths as snake meals or worse from predators or the elements when released outdoors to fend for themselves...."

• "...a non-profit 501(c)3 animal rights organization whose fundamental belief is that all animals, human and nonhuman, should not be treated as the property of another."

• "...protecting the world's remaining primates..."

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