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"... an all volunteer non-profit organization dependent on donations to help us rescue unwanted domestic rabbits and educate the public on rabbit care."

"...consists in the fight against animal poisoning, the promotion of animal rights and in the fight against any kind of animal abuse. Action Against Poisoning strives for abolishment of 'medical' animal experiments and for a stable ecological condition for animals."

"...all animals merit attention and concern and that animals are not ours to eat, wear, or otherwise exploit."

"...animals do not exist for humans to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment."

"...a legal above-ground group with the specific goal of ending the exploitation of all animals and promoting the vegan diet and lifestyle."

"...a wonderful way for people to come together and explore the delights and many compelling reasons for eating a plant-based diet."

"...a Dublin based Animal Rights / Abolitionist / Liberation group. Our aim is to inform the public about respecting the rights that nonhuman animals have: The right not to be murdered; the right to freedom, the right to bodily integrity and the right not to be considered property." ~

"To end the killing of cats and lead the movement for their humane care..."

"...a non-profit 501(c)3 animal rights organization whose fundamental belief is that all animals, human and nonhuman, should not be treated as the property of another."

" do whatever we can to raise global awareness, altering the way that humanity sees itself and the world around it. There is an extremely pointed need to educate the public in regards to the devastation that animal agriculture/animal exploitation is inflicting upon our planet and to organize against said impact."

"This program offers spay and neuter surgery plus selected vaccines to animal guardians at affordable rates...."

"Over 125 years working to end the use of animals in science."

"To create a more humane and compassionate world by ending abuse and neglect of children and animals...."

"...fighting to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system."

" provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States."

"...a nonprofit educational membership organization teaching a compassionate way of living that includes veganism."

"...created to promote the interests and concerns of individuals and organizations involved in the preservation, propagation, and distribution of vegetarian ideas and products."

"Angel animals teach by their example how to work for a greater good..."

"The sanctuary is a refuge for animals, and a sanctuary for the soul...."

"...a nonprofit humane organization dedicated to helping control the overpopulation of animals through spaying and neutering..."

"Animal rights, also known as animal liberation, is the idea that the most basic interests of non-human animals should be afforded the same consideration as the similar interests of human beings...."

"...educate students about the continual suffering animals endure everyday in factory farms, fur farms, laboratories, circuses, and all other idustries that disregard these living, breathing beings as nothing but mere objects. We advocate cruelty free lifestyles through outreach..."

" independent, non-profit, all volunteer grassroots community organization dedicated to the elimination of animal exploitation and abuse. Founded in 1985, we are issue and action oriented. We are working with other local, regional and national groups to help build this social justice movement."

"We take a unique holistic, self-sufficient approach to achieving long-term protection for animals. We work at all levels, from start to finish of a campaign - from undercover investigations to scientific and economic research, publication of technical reports, through to public education..."

"According to many scientists, the best hope for the prevention or cure of many diseases is relevant and progressive non-animal research methods, such as in vitro cell and tissue cultures, microfluidic circuits, computer modeling, microdosing, and epidemiological studies."

" Ottawa-based, transnational animal advocacy group that promotes public education about veganism and provides abolitionist animal rights and vegan outreach materials. Our goal is to educate people about veganism and the rights of nonhuman animals not to be used as property, as well as to promote an end to their use as human property."

" international non-profit organisation dedicated to achieving equal consideration and respect for animals and promotes a vegan lifestyle. We are currently active in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Venezuela and India."

" further advance awareness of the philosophical principles underlying the animal liberation movement. We feel there is a critical need for an examination of perceptions motivating humans' role as co-habitants on Earth with other species."

" to stop animal cruelty and suffering through legislation, administrative agency action, and litigation. ALC offers legal analysis of the difficult and controversial issues relating to animals."

"We believe this site is the largest legal website devoted to animal issues in the world. Unsurprisingly, the website's most sought after materials relate to the many issues that dogs provide our society...."

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