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Green Reflection: Growing Green While Saving Green
• "You are like many people. You used cannabis 30 or 40 years ago...and you just thought it would be interesting to find out what the pot culture is like today, what does it even taste like anymore? And of course there is the cult show 'Weeds' which gets us all to thinking..."
• "Smoke. Share. Smile."

Shroomology Grows Mushrooms
• "If you have any questions about mushrooms, or growing mushrooms, chances are your questions have been asked. Read through these topics, and you will gain much mushroom knowledge...."

Marijuana Doctors 411
• " provide a way for patients in need of medicinal marijuana treatment to locate and schedule an appointment with a qualified, licensed physician in their area, for the purpose of obtaining a Letter of Recommendation."

Blasts from the Past

• "Ibogaine is often view either as a panacea for addiction or, on the contrary, a mere wish or a toxic and dangerous substance...."

• "...specializes in all inclusive Shamanic Workshops (including ceremonies of the sacred visionary medicine Ayahuasca)."

• "Tired of hiding in the closet ... or garage? It's time to come out now! 2,968 Cannabis Consumers have filled out our survey!"

• "It's strange, then, since cannabis has been widely used for thousands of years around the globe, that human society not just survived, but thrived until the disaster of prohibition came along."

• "Controlled substances laws and their consequences have been the center of my professional life for over fifteen years..."

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