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Polyamory Network, The
• "PolyamoryNetwork.com is a place where you can share thoughts, opinions and experiences related to everything polyamory. Membership is completely free."

• "We offer a social network for the polyamorous where we can connect for friendships, information or for love."

Spiritual Polyamory
• "...a powerful, groundbreaking work, certain to challenge and stimulate members of both the 'poly-curious' and polyamorous communities."

• "We have stories about polyamorous households, advice on saving money, and help to find the legal arrangements you need to make your family dream a reality."

Our Poly Life
• "When we began our site in April of 2006 we did so with the intention of reaching out to others from whom we could acquire understanding, advice, and inspiration...."

Blasts from the Past

• "With our blend of experience in sacred sexuality, BDSM, M/s, energy work, and spirituality, we strive to offer a unique perspective to our audiences...."

• "I'm a 43-year-old bi, poly geek who grew up in the Midwest but has become thoroughly rooted in the Boston area...."

• "Explorations of the poly world by a mono girl..."

• "Where Faith Meets Fetish..."

• "Welcome to Poly Winnipeg! Please join us on the forum for information about upcoming poly events, polyamory discussion and to meet other polyamorous people in Winnipeg."

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