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Breaking My Silence
• "Breaking My Silence will educate and make aware of the world crisis of prostitution and sex-trafficking of women by interviewing survivors, organizations and authors that strive to bring awarness to the public."

Sanctuary for the Abused
• "Articles, clickable links & resources for victims & survivors. Dealing with verbal, psychological & emotional abuse and personality disorders...."

Domestic Violence Information Depot
• "Domestic violence, a.k.a. abuse! This is a national epidemic. Children are being abused or watching their parent be abused. This is a violent crime that multiplies itself with each generation...."

Make It Our Business
• "...intended to help employers meet their new obligations under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act."

Domestic Violence Help, Hope, and Healing for Abused Women
• "Domestic abuse and domestic violence are not okay. It shouldn't happen to anyone. Ever! Unfortunately, it happens far too often."

Blasts from the Past

• "The narcissist is an actor in a monodrama, yet he is forced to remain behind the scenes...."

• "Advocating for all Domestic Violence Victims being failed by Domestic Violence Institutions and proposing new Domestic Violence legislation for NYS."

• "... a popular resource worldwide for research on the roots of violence in society. Originally funded by the County of Santa Clara CA it is now funded privately by its creator and is kept available for historic and research purposes."

• " assist affiliated healthcare professionals of Stanford University Medical Center and the surrounding community with questions about possible management of patient and co-worker domestic abuse and violence."

• "... the go-to resource for those seeking to collaborate with others to address violence against women and crime victims with disabilities."

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