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Center for Women and Families
• "The Center for Women and Families provides services for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, spousal abuse, dating violence, and offers family therapy in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The Center for Women and Families helps survivors through supportive services, community education and cooperative partnerships that foster hope, promote self-sufficiency and rebuild lives."

SHARE, Inc. (Colorado, USA)
• "...a non-profit community-based safe house facility and domestic violence program started in 1981 in Fort Morgan, Colorado to serve battered women and their children in Morgan County and other areas in rural northeast Colorado."

Victim Services Center (VSC)
• "...a non-profit located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that provides free and confidential comprehensive support services to crime victims, their families and significant others; prevention education and risk reduction programs, and training to the professionals who work with the victims of these crimes."

DC Rape Crisis Center, The (DCRCC) (Washington DC, USA)
• "...dedicated to creating a world free of sexual violence. The Center works for social change through community outreach, education, and legal and public policy initiatives. It helps survivors and their families heal from the aftermath of sexual violence through crisis intervention, counseling and advocacy."

Blasts from the Past

• "...created to provide information, skills and support to men who were trying to change their abusive attitudes and behaviors."

• "Promote awareness of mental health problems, domestic violence and other issues through education and training..."

• "To lead a community-wide partnership in the awareness and prevention of domestic violence and abuse and to offer safety and support to diverse families and individuals in crisis."

• " break the cycle of domestic and family violence by providing battered women and their children with safe shelter and resources and to prevent violence through outreach and education to at-risk populations."

• " reduce the incidence of domestic violence and to assist adult victims and their children to be free from this violence."

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