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Atheism UK
• "...Britain's only distinctively atheist organization. Our sole objective is the advancement of atheism. From this, we have derived our key principles, which in turn inform our policies and strategies."

New Zealand Skeptics
• "...looking for the best place between 'suckered' gullibility and close-minded cynicism..."

American Humanist
• " bring about a progressive society where being 'good without god' is an accepted way to live life."

Coalition for Secular Government, The
• "...advocates government solely based on secular principles of individual rights. The protection of a person's basic rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness -- including freedom of religion and conscience -- requires a strict separation of church and state."

Philippine Atheists
• "...maintained and administered by the Philippine Atheists, a loose community of Filipino atheists, humanists and freethinkers. We came from various internet forums and united only by one thing - atheism."

Blasts from the Past

• "...offering an alternative to the religious clubs on campus since 2007..."

• "We offer students and their organizations a variety of resources..."

• "Working to promote and defend reason, science, and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor."

• "...a volunteer organization that promotes critical thinking and a reason-centered worldview by helping local skeptics groups..."

• "...a secular moral community based on a progressive philosophical life-stance and is not simply a negative response to religion. We support, promote and defend the rights and freedoms of the human being as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

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