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Keep the Death Penalty out of Maine!
• "The most recent attempt to reintroduce the death penalty was rejected by wide margins in both the House and Senate in May, 1999...."

Journey of Hope
• "Hoping for an end to the cycle of violence...."

History of Capital Punishment
• "Some of the available net resources on the history of capital punishment are collected here. If you think something interesting is missing, let me know and I'll check it out..."

Gorilla Convict Publications
• "...the home of recognized prison journalist and gangster chronicler, Seth 'Soul Man' Ferranti, the Gorilla Convict Blog and Gorilla Convict Publications which published Seth's books..."

Blasts from the Past

• "Everyone deserves a second chance..."

• "The last execution was in 1845..."

• "Led by murder victim family members speaking out...Telling their stories of love, forgiveness and understanding. Hoping for an end to the cycle of violence."

• "Join In. Review new videos. Upload and share clips."

• "Am 3. Januar 2002 wurde Juan Melendez nach siebzehn Jahren, acht Monaten und einem Tag, die er als Unschuldiger im Todestrakt von Florida verbrachte, aus der Haft entlassen."

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