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"The annual march is organized as a joint project by several Texas anti-death penalty organizations working together with leading national organizations..."

" aid in the abolishment of the death penalty. We are extremely passionate about justice and with the great tragedies and miscarriages of justice that occur in the system today...we will not rest until we see an end to it."

"...public education for alternatives to the death penalty..."

"... the only nationwide grassroots organization focused solely on the issue of death penalty abolition."

"... a coalition of individuals and organizations who educate the community and policy makers about the facts and myths of the death penalty."

"...35 US states have the death penalty in their law today. Additionally we have the death penalty in federal law (this means that also states without death penalty can under certain circumstances sentence a person to die) and the death penalty in military law...."

"The death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights. It is the premeditated and cold-blooded killing of a human being by the state. This cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment is done in the name of justice...." ~

"...a cross-regional voice committed to working for the abolition of the death penalty across Asia and the Pacific."

"...a non-profit legal service organization that assists indigent persons facing the death penalty in Arizona through direct representation, consulting services, training and education. The Project receives no government funding and relies on the support of your generous donations."

"... dedicated to ending the death penalty in Arizona. We will achieve this through education and advocacy."

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