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Links to inactive sites with racism information. A historic glimpse into the past!

This directory contains 70 links.

Newest Sites

Bethune Institute for Anti-Fascist Studies
"As long as capitalism exists, the threat of fascism will never be eliminated. Fascism, as a social and political movement, is a form of capitalism that does away with the pretence of parliamentary democracy, and rules instead by force and terror."
• http://www.bethuneinstitute.com/
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Global Mappings: A Political Atlas of the African Diaspora
"...the linkages between transnational black politics, social movements and world historical events of the twentieth century."
• http://diaspora.northwestern.edu/
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Pocho Hour of Power: Political Satire Radio
"The Pocho Hour of Power thanks everyone who called in their support and made their complaints loud and clear to the management of KPFK...."
• http://www.pocho.com/
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Virtual Varrio Anti-Racism Resource Center
"This site is designed to be a resource tool for Chicanas and Chicanos as well as other concerned humans in the struggle against racism directed at Mexicanos, Latinos and immigrants in the United States of America...."
• http://www.pocho.com/racism/
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UJIMA News Magazine, The
"Satisfying Your Mind, Body, and Soul..."
• http://astro.temple.edu/~wgreason/ujima.html
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Random Sites

"Thank you so much for your contribution of time and for your signature to our petition to abolish modern day slavery. Thanks to you, we received over 127,000 names..."
• http://www.theamazingchange.com/
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"...provides both an online resource for the activist community and a portal offering information about anti-racism activities to the general public."
• http://www.antiracismnet.org/
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"...a Chicano family-owned small publishing house dedicated to publishing and producing unknown, emerging, and established progressive Chicano and Latino voices. With a commitment to social justice and human rights Calaca Press strives to bring about change through the literary arts. From poetry and the spoken word to fiction..."
• http://www.calacapress.com/
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"An audio history of the civil rights movement in five Southern communities and the music of those times..."
• http://www.unbrokencircle.org/
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"...actively engaged in exposing and opposing racism in all its manifestations and forms and is committed to supporting human rights community networks throughout the world."
• http://www.antiracist.com/
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