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Links to inactive sites with polyamory information. A historic glimpse into the past!

This directory contains 19 links.

Newest Sites

"I pride myself on having extensive knowledge of many things - and sex happens to be one of my most passionate endeavors in the land of learning...."
• http://wickedbed.com/
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Coming Out Poly
"...a simple project between three people in a polyamorous relationship: document the ups and downs, the triumphs and tribulations, and give an insight into everyday life in a non-monogamous relationship."
• http://www.comingoutpoly.com/
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Poly Oz (Australia)
"This is an Australian Alternative Polyamorous Community. Honest Communication is the key to making polyamory work, and this is a community of alternative spiritually aware poly people...."
• http://www.scm-rpg.com.au/PolyOz/
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AltSex Columns
"This site contains information and explicit discussion regarding selected topics of alternative sexuality. If there is even the remote possibility that the contents of this site might offend your sensibilities, we exhort you to go no further...."
• http://www.altsex.org/altsex-home.html
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Are You Open To An Alternative Lifestyle?
"...non-monogamy means having the freedom to be sexually and/or emotionally involved with more than one person. When we say 'ethical' non-monogamy, we mean any type of non-monogamous relationship practiced HONESTLY..."
• http://www.bayarea.net/~stef/Poly/Labriola/nonmonog.html
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Random Sites

"Polyamory, Links, Bisexual, Bi-Women's Corner..."
• http://sydneyinteractive.virtualave.net/
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"...the literal being 'Many Loves', is the basis for our little site here. Now if you're looking for casual sexual acquaintances, this probably isn't the resource you need."
• http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Ithaca/2204/
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"I'm Cat, creator of this site. Sometimes it makes me feel a little like Dr. Frankenstein. I'm a polyamorous bisexual, as well as an internet addict. I don't think I'm way too wild, but most of the people that know me do, hence the name...."
• http://members.tripod.com/~Way2Wild/
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"So, what the heck does Polyamory mean? Well, I can give you the proper Latin meaning.....Poly = Many / Amory = Love...."
• http://fresnopolyfellowship.tripod.com/
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"...a mailing list for women in open relationships. Women from all walks of life are members of the list, with the common thread being our polyamorous lifestyle."
• http://www.lunamorena.net/open/
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