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(Other Sources) ~ "The purpose of 911-justice is to inform, educate, and enlighten the general public concerning the issues of capital punishment, in America, and the world. It is also the purpose of this writer, and those who appear on 911-justice to influence and educate public opinion regarding capital punishment issues, politics..." ~

(Other Sources) ~ "Execution of the legal system..."

(Other Sources) ~ "Be it resolved that because social science research has demonstrated the death penalty to be racist in application and social science research has found no consistent evidence of crime deterrence through execution, the ASC publicly condemns this form of punishment..."

(Other Sources) ~ " cannot be denied that Bush has steadfastly opposed changing the clemency procedures in the face of stinging criticism by the courts."

(Other Sources) ~ "At the age of seventeen, when he was a very angry young man, he was released from the California Youth Authority and went on a crime spree, holding up stores and restaurants until he was captured and sent to San Quentin. He never shot anyone, but he did threaten his victims with a gun. He has been in San Quentin since the age of nineteen...."

(Other Sources) ~ "Here, you will find information about CAADP, including our mission, composition, activities, upcoming events, and how to join us. This site also has links to other Web pages with information about the death penalty...."

(Other Sources) ~ "At the beginning there wasn't an unemotional and matter-of-fact exposition with the Death Penalty, but my own personal experiences. Therefore the main point of this homepage are not lifeless numbers and statistics, but the personal fate of human beings, especially of Clifford Boggess...."

(Other Sources) ~ "These pages are dedicated to the many people that were killed by the state since the reinstatement of the Death Penalty in 1976. These pages are updated with each execution and each new date that is set for a prisoner on death row...."

(Other Sources) ~ "We thank everyone who has continued to support our efforts in freeing Bob and Randy. Keep checking back and we will keep you updated about any news relating to Bob and Randy...."

(Other Sources) ~ "Injustice has been at the forefront of American lives, particularly since 1996. The following web page gives you the opportunity to do more than just read about injustice. You can make a difference by supporting Denise and Howard's application for clemency. Help Denise Monk and Howard Fuson, click on NEXT and send a letter of support...."

(Other Sources) ~ "...the only evidence against you is the way you dress, the music you listen to, and the beliefs you hold. it can happen to you." ~

(Other Sources) ~ "Execution in the form of electrocution, gassing and lethal injection of juveniles in the U.S. has doubled in the last decade. The U.S. Supreme court deems this is not 'cruel and unusual' punishment...."

(Other Sources) ~ " shed light on the truth about the terrible conditions of our justice system..."

(Other Sources) ~ "The history of the death penalty in Ohio reaches back to the earliest days of statehood. Indeed, the first executions in Ohio, those executed from 1803 until 1885, were carried out by public hanging in the county where the crimes were committed."

"Examines the death penalty in Ohio through facts, congressional quotes, and case studies...."

(Other Sources) ~ "The death penalty is one of the great moral issues facing our country, yet most people rarely think about it and very few of us take the time to delve deeply enough into this issue to be able to make an informed decision about it."

(Other Sources) ~ "Gabriel Gonzalez is an innocent man on Texas death row! After 15 years, Gabriel has been granted a re-sentencing hearing. What we want and he deserves is a FULL NEW TRIAL!"

(Other Sources) ~ "Смертную казнь в России можно отменить уже сейчас. 'ля этого достаточно внести в Конституционный Суд жалобу на несоответствие статьи Уголовного кодекса о смертной казни статье Конституции о равноправии полов...."


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