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Links to inactive sites with unionist information. A historic glimpse into the past!

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Newest Sites

Labor News: The Independent Voice of Labor in Indiana (USA)
"....the newspaper that every union member and friend of labor should read. We publish each month with news on all topics that relate to Labor. This month's issue features: Union News, Financial and Medical News, Federal Sector News, Photo coverage of Labor issues by Mark Fredericks, Boycott Information, articles you won't want to miss."
• http://www.labornews.com/
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Joe's Union Review
"The owners of this country want you to keep watching American Idol while they steal our American dream. Open your eyes!"
• http://www.joesunionreview.com/
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Oct 31, 2018

Labor Without Borders
• http://www.laborwithoutborders.com/

cybersteward.net: rank-and-file union news & views
"...a place for news and views from a union perspective. Originally called The Willow Grove Twilight Steward Info Site, this site was started in 2003, and continues to be administered today, by Howard Hall, a Teamsters Local 384 Shop Steward at UPS."
• http://www.cybersteward.net/
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Disney is Unfaithful
"But the corporate executives who run Disney today are spoiling that magic, betraying Walt's vision and Disney cast members. 2,100 employees of the Disneyland Hotels, including bellmen, dishwashers, room attendants, and cooks, have been working without a contract since February 2008..."
• http://www.disneyisunfaithful.org/
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Random Sites

"There may be a big police presence to stop the anti-capitalists, this will not benefit Nike's image...."
• http://www.sweatlondon.com/
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"I am a railroad conductor with about 21 years of service. Railroading is a wonderful life...."
• http://members.aol.com/railroadmn/
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