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Links to inactive sites for unionist organizations. What we once used to do to resist oppression!

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Newest Sites

George Meany Center for Labor Studies, The
"...began with a dream and vision of George Meany that labor have its own college: a national center that would provide continuous labor education for all union activists."
• http://www.georgemeany.org/
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Communication Workers of America (CWA) - Local 4309
"The history of CWA outlines its evolution from 1910 to the present showing the pursuit of workers rights at great effort and sacrifices on the part of its members, stewards and officers of numerous CWA districts and locals...."
• http://www.cwa4309.com/
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United Food & Commercial Workers, The (UFCW) - Local 1116
"...a labor union representing 5,000 members at over 100 workplaces in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin and in North Dakota. Our members work in the retail grocery industry, in food processing, in healthcare, as pharmacists, barbers, truck drivers and in non-profit and public agencies...."
• http://www.ufcw1116.org/
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Oct 31, 2018

United Transportation Union - Local 367 (UTU) (United States)
"The UTU has selected Anthem Life Insurance Co. to provide a national group voluntary short-term disability plan for all rail members...."
• http://members.cox.net/utulocal367/

United Transportation Union - Local 211 (UTU) (United States)
"Communication is a big part of railroading. We carry an ever-changing list of do's, don'ts, what went where's and on and on!"
• http://local211.8m.com/
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Random Sites

"AWTS agreement!, International, Constitution, Agreements, Proposed Run-thru Agreement, FRA, Railway Labor Act, Mediation Board, Railroad Retirement Board..."
• http://www.utulocal1117.com/
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"...Meetings, Officers, Contact us, B&O Agreement, Pay Codes, Trip Rates, Pay Scale, Payroll Contacts, Political..."
• http://www.utulocal1548.org/
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"...to carry out projects that generate high-skills, high-wage jobs, improve workforce training systems, improve delivery of services for dislocated workers, and build alliances between labor, community organizations, local government, and employers."
• http://www.wc-kclc.org/
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"Through its annual Labor Awards Dinners, LRA gives recognition to labor and political leaders who have made significant contributions to labor struggles...."
• http://www.laborresearch.org/
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"Please use more caution with slip, trip and fall as winter approaches...."
• http://www.utulocal915.com/
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