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Philly Labor (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
• "Labor Blog: Movements begin with the telling of untold stories."

Union Labor Directory: The Official Directory of Labor Unions and Prevailing Wage Guide
• "Organized labor, like many other organizations, was created out of a need for working people whereby, all crafts could meet and be represented as a whole, with the objectives of concentrating and exercising their efforts for their mutual benefit with the knowledge of 'an injury to one is an injury to all'."

America's Union Community
• "...for members, families, friends, and leading business services..."

• "The social network for trade unionists - a LabourStart project...."

Pioneer Valley Union News (PVUN)
• "Unions are all about workers joining together to improve their jobs. The U.S. Government gives workers the right to form or join a labor union of their choosing in order to improve their working conditions. Each year, hundreds of thousands of workers successfully organize a union where they work...."

Blasts from the Past

• "...a platform for trade unionists and researchers dealing with the challenges of globalization from a labour perspective."

• "Here you will find information about the committee, including the Eugene A. Forsey Prize, our publications, Labour/Le Travail, our annual workshop, and the Working Histories labour and working-class history portal."

• "...website system and communication tool built specifically for union organizations! Maintain all the content for your union website, make changes as frequently as you need, no HTML/Web Design knowledge or programs needed."

• "I'm a trade union activist, Labour Party member and London Councillor. I'm passionate about centre left politics, history & future of labour movement family, trade unions, health & safety, employment rights, pensions, capital stewardship, living wages and public housing...."

• "An online rail labor community..."

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