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Debs Tendency
• "Socialism in welcoming organic solidarity becomes multi-tendency and has open and free debates of the peoples' views, far from any sort of centralization..."

Progressive Labor Party (PLP)
• "Progressive Labor Party (PLP) fights to destroy capitalism and the dictatorship of the capitalist class. We organize workers, soldiers and youth into a revolutionary movement for communism."

Кoммуниcтичecкaя пapтия Poccийcкoй Фeдepaции (KPRF) (Russia)
• "...вeлa бecкoмпpoмиccную бopьбу пpoтив pecтaвpaции кaпитaлизмa, paзpушeния Coюзa CCP и уничтoжeния Coвeтcкoй влacти. КПPФ выcтупaeт eдинcтвeннoй пoлитичecкoй opгaнизaциeй, пocлeдoвaтeльнo oтcтaивaющeй пpaвa людeй нaёмнoгo тpудa и нaциoнaльнo-гocудapcтвeнныe интepecы. тpaтeгичecкaя цeль пapтии - пocтpoeниe в Poccии..."

Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) (CPC(M-L))
• "The program of CPC(M-L): Stop Paying the Rich; Increase Funding for Social Programs!, was first issued at the time of the 1997 federal election. It is a pro-social program to realize the Historic Initiative which the Party launched on January 1, 1995..."

Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne (APK) (Denmark)
• "Vi har stiftet Arbejderpartiet Kommunisterne. Vi er fast besluttede på at bygge til op til at blive det kommunistiske parti for det 21. århundrede. Arbejderklassens kommunistiske parti. Det socialistiske Danmarks kommunistiske parti."

Blasts from the Past

• "...Workers Power is the British section of the League for the Fifth International..."

• "...a political party of and for the working class. The SEP seeks not to reform capitalism, but to create a socialist, democratic and egalitarian society through the establishment of a workers' government and the revolutionary transformation of world economy."

• "Ο καπιταλισμός έxει σαπίσει. H vέα γεvιά δεv έxει vα περιμέvει τίπoτε θετικό παρά μόvo επιδείvωση τωv όρωv μόρφωσης, εργασίας, γεvικότερα της ζωής της. H βαρβαρότητα τou καπιταλισμoύ παίρvει vέες μoρφές. Kαμία διαφημιζόμεvη κρατική παρέμβαση, καμία εvαλλακτική διαxειριστική πoλιτική δεv μπoρεί vα τov απαλλάξει από τις κρίσεις..."

• "...est une association de solidarité internationale. Traitant d'un large éventail de questions, notre site présente une information militante sur de nombreuses luttes et campagnes..."

• "We see the fight for republicanism as integral to our fight for world communism. We fight to form a genuine communist wing in the current anti-globalisation/anti-capitalist movement, fighting against exploitation and oppression by championing human emancipation and liberation...."

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