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• "" Independent Media for Independent Minds
• "News tips, Article Submissions and Feedback from our readers is always appreciated...."

Razoo: Online Fundraising and Donations for Nonprofits
• "...a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life."
• "...established in 1999 to host websites for organizations working towards peace and social, environmental and economic justice."

Subculture List: A Complete List of Subcultures
• "Anarchism, Bohemianism, Gopniki, Gothic culture, Graffiti writers, Hacker culture, Metalheads - headbangers, Mods and Rockers, New romantics, Rivethead, Scooter boys, Skinheads, Straight edge, Suedehead, Swing kids, Teddy boys, Teddy girls, Vampire culture..."

Blasts from the Past

• "...est produit de façon indépendante par Alternatives et la fédération Alternatives International. Tirage papier trimestriel inséré dans l'hebdomadaire VOIR à 235 000 exemplaires aux mois de septembre, décembre, mars et juin."

• "Every day, we are subjected to different forms of propaganda. Even though none of those messages, ads, or publications are labeled as propaganda, they simply define what propaganda is...."

• "Pioneers since 1974, analyzing media in relation to class, race, and gender..."

• "...looked like it was put together in the backseat of a getaway car after some really cool revolutionary act."

• "Holding Corporations Accountable"

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