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Newest Additions
• "" Independent Media for Independent Minds
• "News tips, Article Submissions and Feedback from our readers is always appreciated...."

Razoo: Online Fundraising and Donations for Nonprofits
• "...a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life."
• "...established in 1999 to host websites for organizations working towards peace and social, environmental and economic justice."

Subculture List: A Complete List of Subcultures
• "Anarchism, Bohemianism, Gopniki, Gothic culture, Graffiti writers, Hacker culture, Metalheads - headbangers, Mods and Rockers, New romantics, Rivethead, Scooter boys, Skinheads, Straight edge, Suedehead, Swing kids, Teddy boys, Teddy girls, Vampire culture..."

Blasts from the Past

• "It is essential to the furthering of both single actions and great causes that we all support one another toward a shared direction,and we intend S.T.A.N.D. to empower those who desire to do so..."

• "While the House has acted, America is still a long way from 'even a little reform.'..."

• "...specializes in the history, literature and art of American social movements, including radical politics, civil rights, proletarian literature, and sundry related fields (a lengthy list of subject areas we cover can be found on our Search page)."

• "...your definitive source of daily news aimed at the nonprofit sector. This project is managed exclusevely through voluntary work and it's been running in similar formats since 2003."

• " online ministry linking Contemplation and Social Justice, faith with action. Rooted in Servite (Servants of Mary) and Catholic traditions, this site welcomes those of every faith tradition who value community, spirituality, compassion, healing, solidarity, and social justice."

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