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• "" Independent Media for Independent Minds
• "News tips, Article Submissions and Feedback from our readers is always appreciated...."

Razoo: Online Fundraising and Donations for Nonprofits
• "...a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life."
• "...established in 1999 to host websites for organizations working towards peace and social, environmental and economic justice."

Subculture List: A Complete List of Subcultures
• "Anarchism, Bohemianism, Gopniki, Gothic culture, Graffiti writers, Hacker culture, Metalheads - headbangers, Mods and Rockers, New romantics, Rivethead, Scooter boys, Skinheads, Straight edge, Suedehead, Swing kids, Teddy boys, Teddy girls, Vampire culture..."

Blasts from the Past

• "... list of writers in English has come to include many key authors in the social sciences and humanities, with particular strength in politics, cultural studies, history, philosophy, sociology and literary criticism."

• "...the name pretty much self-explanatory..."

• "...turn the drab number cruncher you're staring at right now into the most versatile activist tool..."

• "This site provides a resource to provide the public with information about events in Austin, political groups in Austin, and informational resources regarding peace, justice, and environmental issues...."

• "Native North American writer, historian, publisher and social satirist, best known for throwing a 1977 banana cream pie at Ohio Gov. James A. Rhodes to protest the Kent State killings of 1970...."

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