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Empty Cages, Full Forests
• "For the liberation of the overtaken, and the taking over by the liberated."

Vegan Milwaukee
• "I currently reside in the Bay View neighborhood in the city of Milwaukee. I've been vegan since about 2004 and vegetarian since 1998. In that time I've seen the options available expand significantly to the point that there have been rumors that Milwaukee just might be the next up-and-coming vegan mecca."

Super Shegan: Surviving in a Carnivore World
• "Growing up, I never liked meat or dairy. Something in my head told me it just wasn't agreeing with me. In 2008, some very dear friends of mine introduced me to The China Study and my eating habits drastically changed for the better. I feel better, have more energy, and actually cook now."

Toronto Vegetarian Links & Resource Page
• "Local Vegetarian & Vegan Links For Toronto..."

Sarah's Place
• "Affectionately known as the 'vegan queen-bee' by friends, and dubbed 'The World's Coolest Vegan' by Herbivore Magazine, Sarah Kramer is the vegan godmother of all things cruelty-free."

Blasts from the Past

• "I still enjoy incorporating creativity into my life in any way I can, whether it's knitting hats for my family, cooking a scrumptious vegetarian meal, or finding inventive ways to occupy my kids in waiting rooms...."

• "Herbivoracious is all about reinvigorating vegetarian cuisine with modern techniques and bold, authentic flavors. I don't care if you are vegetarian, carnivore, pescetarian or flexitarian. Labels don't matter. I simply want to make sure that if you cook a meatless meal tonight, it is hearty and delicious."

• "We blog about Vegan / Animal Rights stuff happening in and around Washington DC. We also host a monthly meetup called DC Vegan Drinks."

• "...Energy Bars, Ersatz Photos, Family, Fat, Food, Inc., Fortification, Freeganism, French Couple on Trial, Haters, Ingredients, Ingredient Critic, Iron..."

• "Vegans and the vegan lifestyle have long been the bastard stepchild of dietary and lifestyle choices. Thankfully, that time is slowly coming to an end as more and more people have noticed the profound need for environmental and dietary change."

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